Our community is for all Catholic women who work in any area of business, in all stages of their lives.

There are many ways you can join us, depending on what you need. We have a large online community and smaller groups -- all designed to help you grow.

Our goal is to give you high quality resources to fuel your work and spiritual life.

But more than that, we hope you find a home here.

You are among like-minded women -- driven, motivated, excited. Ready to make an impact and proud of the impact already made.

Like you, we also have a vocation to work and are learning every day what it means to be a Catholic woman in business.


Discussion Forum

Our goal is to help foster a dynamic community of Catholic women in business. To do that, we need a safe space for encounter and conversation. We want to share our hopes and dreams, support one another, ask questions, discuss challenges, and share the hard lessons-learned.

Our digital hub for discussion is the private Facebook group, Catholic Women in Business. In the group, our team posts regular updates, discussion prompts, and free resources to help you meet other Catholic women and grow your business or career.


Mentorship Program

Application Opens November 5th

Level up your leadership and map out an action plan for the next 6 months.

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Virtual Masterminds

Application Opening Soon

While our online discussions happen primarily in the Facebook group, we also want to create real community among women in person.

CWIB Virtual Masterminds connect women who are in similar stages of their careers and businesses. We give leaders outlines, themes, discussion prompts, and suggestions on how to manage their virtual meetups. Mastermind groups specifically focus on members improving their businesses and growing in their careers.