Catch Us on “The Catholic Feminist” Podcast

“Once I started my career in business, I had a really difficult time finding women who were Catholic and working in business that I could look to as mentors.” Elise Gallagher, Co-Founder of Catholic Women in Business

How did Catholic Women in Business get started?

It all began with a brief networking connection, the urging of the Holy Spirit, and an idea shared by these two businesswomen, that we needed a community for women to grow professionally and spiritually alongside other women.

Check out the February 13th episode of The Catholic Feminist, Being Biblical Businesswomen, to hear the story directly from our founders Emma Moran and Elise Gallagher!

Our favorite quotes from the episode:

  • “There is a greater need to balance a spirit of trusting God with a spirit of being sensible.”

  • “Prayer, by itself, is not what’s going to make my business run. I’m called to use my intellect and my talents.”

  • “God is my CEO. He is the one who is directing my business. I am not the one completely in charge here.”

  • “Invite God into everything.”

  • Want to start a business? “Think, be smart, and then go for it. Don’t wait for the situation to be perfect.”

Topics discussed:

  • Why Emma and Elise decided to start the Catholic Women in Business Foundation

  • What modern business trends drive them crazy

  • Business books that have made a difference in their lives

  • Their advice for women looking to become entrepreneurs

  • How to use your secular business to evangelize

  • What’s been bringing them closer to God

Recommended tools for business: